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Hi, My name is Wil and I have been in the healthcare business for just shy of 40 years working in various capacities (OSHA health technician, nurse, medical transcription, management/supervisor). I am also a musician and writer. My life/success coaching business (certified by the Life Purpose Institute) is located in South Carolina, but my business is international via phone, email, instant message, or Skype - so I'm Worldwide Live!

I am making it my life's work to listen and assist you in focusing on what makes you happy and what brings out the best in you.  I am ready, willing, and able to help you find that awesome career, to help you get your life back on track, to help you overcome blocks that many people have, to feel positive about your life, and feel good each and everyday about where you are in your life, career, spiritually etc...just loving life!  I assist you in clarifying who you are and what you want - so you can then reach out and grab onto your dreams and fulfill your life's purpose.  


My credentials: 

*I am the very proud chief positive officer for BelievePositive

* Retired nurse

* Bachelor's of Science in Management

* Master's of Science in Psychology  

* Ordained Minister - I will guide you to a connection with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit                                                                                          

* Certified Life & Career Coach from the Life Purpose Institute  

* Certified Stress Management Coach

* Certified Reiki Grandmaster/Teacher offering distance healing sessions and soon will be teaching healing!  Using crystal healing in therapy sessions.

* Certified Animal Reiki therapist 

Certified Crystal Healer

* Mentor at University of Phoenix/Former Member of Scholarship Committee UOP

* Musician - studied classical/opera and plays multiple musical instruments 

* Diamond Certified Author For Ezine Articles   

* Author of published book Positive Weight Control.

* Certified Happiness Coach


Vita bella!

Wil S.  



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