Always Have A Great And Positive Day

Wow! How does she do it? She is always so happy and so positive! Do you know people like this? People that are always smiling, always positive, and always looks on the very bright side of life? I am this person. I am always smiling and no matter what is wrong, I stay positive. My youngest son even asked me one time, "Mom, why do you smile all the time?" How do I do this? I have a standard that I keep for myself. I always treat others the way I want to be treated. I'm not hateful or mean to others. If I see someone who looks very down and upset, I just look at them and say, "It's not that bad. Things will get better." I get the oddest looks when I do this. But it is true. Just that little bit of encouragement even from a total stranger may be the one thing that gets that person through the day. I don't like to see others upset. I enjoy making at least one person smile each day. It would be such a wonderful world if everyone would do this. Now, I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I strive for happiness and positivity. Life has its ups and downs and we have to take on the bad times and come out successful and make them good times. So, here is a little list of things I do each day.

1. I wake up in the morning and greet God.

2. I say, "Good morning, Jesus!"

3. I ask Jesus, "Who can I make smile today?"

4. I start my day off in prayer and meditation.

5. I get in a little exercise. Nothing too awfully strenuous, but just to get the bones, joints, and blood moving along.

6. I have a good breakfast each and every day. I never skip breakfast!

7. I check my daily to-do list.

8. I get the "little" things done first that I can quickly check off my list.

9. I thank the good Lord above for my life and give thanks for my food, a home, my children, my dogs and cats, and for providing me with a great job!

10. I think God for everything He provides for me and for others.

Remember, it's not just about you, but in what you can do for others and what you can be thankful for. Love you all!

Vita Bella,