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Hi, I am excited to announce that my new book on weight control is available on the Kindle Store on Amazon! Please visit this site to purchase and learn all about how I made weight control my passion and how I have stayed on it.

I am in the process of making this a paperback version for those who prefer this.

I go through the process of how a chubby child became a chubby, obese adult and how I yo-yoed for years on diets, diet plans, commercial diet plans having to buy "their" food, etc and not winning. I realized that we get into eating habits and you have to break those habits. It can be difficult, but I did it one step at a time and that made it doable for me. Here is an excerpt from the book:

We're all human. We all have concern about self-change. I, like many individuals reading this e-book, have a weight issue. This issue dates back as far as I can remember. I have had setbacks in my weight control goal objective. I have yo-yoed for years and years. So, how did I find my individual secret? I was actually aware of this secret all along, but I just didn't think I could be serious enough to make the necessary changes in order to gain control of my weight and my health.

Then, I got married nearing my late twenties and his mother cooked just like my grandmother. She cooked a lot of fatty foods in the old southern way. She always had meats for meals and so my vegetarianism flew out the window and I started gaining weight. Along with that, I was attending college and working, with no time to exercise at all. The weight started piling on and that marriage turned out to be a nightmare with both physical and emotional abuse…piling the food on my plate just to find some enjoyment somewhere in my life. After my divorce, I still could not drop the weight, but luckily, my weight had pretty much stabilized. I was still overweight, but not too awfully bad, at least I didn't think so. I was very tall and most people said to me, "Well, you're tall so you can carry all that weight." Did that make me feel better? No, particularly with the "all that weight" added to the end. Ugh!

I am hoping that this book will inspire others to change their eating habits and nourish a happy, healthy eating lifestyle. It just takes some determination on your part, but you can do this! I did it and where there's a Wil, there's a way.

If you are interested in some coaching on your lifestyle change, please let me know and contact me through this website or call me at 864-492-8153.

Live, Love, & Believe,

Vita Bella,


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